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For residents of Joplin, MO getting affordable, reliable, and efficient pressure washing services is as easy as calling Harris Brothers Pressure Wash & Gutter Clean! Harris Brothers is the top pressure washing company serving Joplin, MO, and surrounding counties. We handle residential and commercial pressure washing and roof cleaning, delivering outstanding results every time. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our pressure washing services.

At Harris Brothers, we value our Joplin community, which is why we invest in our people and our services. We use the latest pressure washing technology and FDA-approved cleaning solutions, and we train our technicians in the newest deep cleaning techniques. Our team uses the best tools for the job to make sure our clients get the best bang for their buck. No job is too big or too small for us.

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Our Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Services


Residential Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing helps Joplin, MO, homeowners counteract the effects of warm, humid summers and frigid winters. Algae damage your exterior surfaces in summer, and the winter ice helps set stains. 

At Harris Brothers Pressure Wash & Gutter Clean, LLC, we use the cleaning power of water and pressure to remove dirt and other contaminants. 

We make your home sparkle again. Our cleaning projects are effective for everything from your fence to your rooftop. Whether you need heavy-duty cleaning or light maintenance, we’re your team.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and the right techniques to remove grime and slippery algae effectively. We make it easy for you to enjoy your new clean home with:


Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Businesses in Joplin, MO, generally adhere to high standards because the average client will accept nothing less. We also take pride in delivering our best, but sometimes, there aren’t enough hours in a day.

Our commercial pressure washing can ease your stress by making your business look clean and well-maintained. This protects your image and makes your company more attractive to new customers. 

Regular cleaning also plays an important part in building maintenance. It removes contaminants and limits the damage they do. It also clears away spills that might otherwise become a safety hazard. 

Regular cleaning won’t lift stains from your sidewalk or parking lot like power washing can. Call us for: 

Working with us Is as easy as...

Fast Quote

If you’re interested in our cleaning services, just get in touch with us today for your free, no-obligation quote. Once we’ve received the necessary information about the work you need, we’ll put your quote together right away.

Easy Scheduling

Whatever your schedule looks like, we’ll find a way to work around you. We want our services to be completely stress-free for you, and that includes our scheduling. We’ll make the whole process as convenient as possible.

Sit Back & Relax

Now for the best part as you get to relax and let us do the work. With our team of experienced and skilled technicians, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Instead, just sit back and enjoy your newly cleaned home to the fullest.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Why invest in pressure cleaning at all? The short answer is that your garden hose is only effective at removing surface-level dirt. If you want to get a thorough, deep clean, you need a more powerful solution. 

We offer that with a combination of high-pressure and soft-washing services. We use the right technique to get the results you expect every time, so say “goodbye” to dirt. 

Power washing your property once a year will help you enjoy the following benefits: 

house care

Better curb appeal

Pressure cleaning improves the look of your Joplin property, making it more appealing to visitors or potential buyers. Your property looks fresher and brighter, almost like you painted it.

save money

Higher property value

Regular pressure washing removes the grime that accumulates during the seasons in Joplin, making your property look as good as new. Potential buyers see this as a positive sign you maintain your home, so offer more.

improve safety

Promotes health and safety

If you have allergies or asthma, a Joplin spring is a trying time of year. You have to deal with pollen and other allergens like mold floating around. Pressure washing is the ideal way to neutralize these nasty compounds and protect your family by thoroughly removing grime, mold, mildew, and other unwanted elements.

Why choose us for your pressure washing needs?

Pressure Washing Joplin MO


You can expect nothing less than complete professionalism and courtesy when you work with Harris Brothers. We respect your time and stick to appointed times without fail. Our technicians are friendly, open, and ready to answer all your questions.

Pressure Washing Joplin MO

Customer Service

Our customer service is responsive, friendly, and efficient. Our dedicated customer support team is on hand to answer any inquiries about our services and ensure your satisfaction. We also provide warranties for all our jobs for your peace of mind.

Pressure Washing Joplin MO

Professional Equipment

A pressure washing team is only as good as its equipment, and at Harris Brothers, we invest in indsutry-leading equipment. We provide the right tools and eco-friendly cleaning products for every job, whether it’s soft cleaning your awnings or jetwashing your garage floor.

Local 5-Star Power Washing Services in Joplin

At Harris Brothers, each fully licensed and insured technician has years of experience pressure washing properties in Joplin, MO. Whether you need someone to climb up to your office roof for soft washing or a thorough house washing job around your home, count on the Harris Brothers team.

We promote a strong culture of trust and openness in our company, which is why we offer a complete range of pressure washing services, a great customer service experience, and fair and transparent pricing. With our maintenance program, we’ll tailor our services to your unique property to keep it sparkling clean year-round.

Anyone can talk a big game when it comes to pressure washing services, so we’ll let our 5-star reviews do the talking for us. Check out what our customers have to say about us and why Joplin residents choose us for pressure washing.


Real review from happy customers

Harris Brothers were fantastic. They communicate clearly and showed up when they said they would! Their Christmas Lights Service blew my mind! When they were finished with my house and yard, I couldn’t believe how wonderful it looked. The lights they use are very bright and the quality was very clear!!! I highly recommend their services!!!
Nic Linder
Nic Linder
Harris Brothers did an excellent job of power washing our home. They were punctual, protective of the landscaping, moved and replaced the deck furniture and replaced it Rosemary Newman
Rosemary Newman
Rosemary Newman
Rowdy and his team did a great job. They were out cleaning our customers driveway the very next day. Our customer was very happy with the work done. Thanks to their work, we have a lifelong customer so a great thanks from our Youngblood Nissan team!
Connie G
Connie G
Would recommend Harris Brothers for your needs! The company was very responsive, they were able to fit me on to their schedule very quickly, they were very professional, and did a thorough job for a fair price! Exactly what you want when you need help..thanks to them I no longer have to worry about my gutters!
terri deckard
terri deckard
Harris Bros. Services did a really good job for me in cleaning out my gutters which were very full of leaves. They were on time and reliable. I plan to use them again.
Glenda McArdle
Glenda McArdle
I highly recommend this company if you need any pressure washing done. They washed my house, & driveway. They both look amazing!! They also cleaned my Gutter.Best customer service I've experienced!!
Shelly Clanton
Shelly Clanton
Rowdy did a great job cleaning out my gutters and downspouts. He was punctual, personable, very professional and the service was performed with great care to my property. This is my second time using the services of Harris Bros. I highly recommend the company and will continue to use it in the future.
Leslie Jackson
Leslie Jackson
I’ve used them for a few years now for different things and I’ve always be pleased with their work. I highly recommend them to friends and family.
Pam Meredith
Pam Meredith
We had noticed last week after receiving a lot of rain that our gutters were overflowing on the back of our house and I had worried about how much rain was collecting right outside our basement. I called Harris Brothers on Thursday of last week and they were out the next morning. They cleaned our gutters and downspouts and even trimmed back our holly tree in the front yard that had limbs touching the roof and gutter. We have had plenty of rain since and no more overflowing the gutters. They were fast to respond and they did a great job. I am glad we called them and would definitely recommend them.
Justin Dunkmann
Justin Dunkmann
Spring showers hit and noticed my gutters were overflowing. Reached out in the AM and they squeezed me in at the end of the day. A day later (now) and the next rain is hitting and all drainage is working great! Gutters and drainage were well cleaned and the surrounding area of the job was well cleaned as well. Appreciate the quick help and great work 😊👍🏼
Rowdy was the young man who came to do the work. He did a thorough job and even above and beyond! Very polite, considerate and accommodating! I’m VERY impressed with his work ethic and will be making referrals for him!
Shae Johnson
Shae Johnson
This service was easy to access on line, business responded very timely answering all the questions. Scheduling appointment was easy; communication on coworker arrival was excellent. Coworker was friendly with my spouse and answered any questions as well as hearing any concerns. Overall, I would recommend this service and use myself again. Liz
Liz Berman
Liz Berman
We had our siding pressure washed today and it looks fantastic! We couldn’t be happier. We reached out for a quote yesterday, heard back within the hour, and set up service for the next day. The technician kept in communication with us to let us know about what time he would arrive, when he was here, and when he was finished. It was quick, easy, and everyone we interacted with was so friendly. We will definitely use them again in the future.
My experience was over the top from the start to the finish. Professional, prompt, quality work is greatly appreciated. The free estimate was easy, and sales was extremely professional. The on site staffer was very knowledgeable and had total respect of my property. These guys are legit!
Fred Burns
Fred Burns
These guys did a great job cleaning our gutters. Easy and smooth experience. Very transparent and they truly want to do a great job every time. I highly recommend them!
Andy Sutton
Andy Sutton
Excellent customer service. I give Harris Brothers a #10. They communicate with their customers, show up to do the job when they say they will AND the results are FANTASTIC!
Harris Brothers did a great job cleaning the gutters on three of our rental homes. I give them a 5 because they were fast, did a very good job and cleaned up after themselves. I would highly recommend them! Kelly P.
Kelly Polino
Kelly Polino
Was very prompt and communicative. I had a wonderful experience and they were willing to work with me and my quirky schedule. They provided good insight into some things I need to take care of and left the place far better than when they arrived. I should have called them sooner! Will do business with them again!
Corey Baughn
Corey Baughn
Loved working with Harris Brothers! They were fast to respond, scheduled quickly and did a fantastic job! Look no further than this company for your pressure washing needs! Would definitely recommend and use again!
Carryn Osborn
Carryn Osborn
We called on a Tuesday and the Harris brothers came out on Wednesday to clean our gutters (which had not been cleaned for 2 seasons) and wash our back deck. They exceeded our expectations, delivered quality service to our home, and even went above and beyond and washed the side of our house. We will for sure be using them in the future and recommending their services.
Excellent job of cleaning gutters and rinsing off the house when finished. Arrived on time and always kept me up-to-date on scheduling during this difficult rainy period.
Mary cooper
Mary cooper

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about pressure washing in Joplin, MO? We have answers. Contact us today if your question isn’t answered below.

It will cost you about $550, on average, to pressure wash your house in Joplin, MO. You can expect to pay anything between $400 to $710 for a 1,500- to 2,000-square-foot home. However, the actual cost will depend on several factors, including:

  • The location of your house
  • The size and height of your home
  • Your home’s accessibility 
  • Water accessibility 

The amount of grime on the surfaces

Call Harris Brothers Pressure Wash & Gutter Clean for an accurate quote. We use advanced soft-washing techniques to prevent damage to your home. 

Soft washing uses low-pressure water and cleaning solutions to remove dirt, mold, bacteria, and other contaminants from your exterior surfaces. The low water pressure makes this cleaning technique ideal for your delicate home exteriors. 

You can use soft washing to clean windows, roof shingles, vinyl siding, outdoor furniture, screens, and patio enclosures. The cleaning solutions used in soft washing include three primary ingredients:

  • Bleach: This is the main cleaning agent.
  • Surfactant: This helps to loosen dirt, mold, and other gunk.
  • Water: This helps to dilute the bleach concentration.

Both soft washing and power washing use a pressure washer to clean exterior surfaces, but they use different amounts of water pressure to deliver different results. Power washing uses high pressure, ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 PSI, to remove built-up gunk from surfaces. On the other hand, soft washing uses a low-pressure washer and cleaning solutions to clean fragile structures. The major benefit of soft washing over power washing is that it’s much less likely to damage your roof tiles and other delicate surfaces. 

Professional pressure washing in Joplin, MO, comes with many perks, including:

  • Prevent damage: Pressure washing removes mold, mildew, and algae, which eat away at your surfaces over time. This ensures your surfaces last longer. 
  • Save money: By preventing damage, pressure washing will save you thousands of dollars on repairs over the long haul. 
  • Improve curb appeal: Pressure washing will quickly return your grimy exteriors to their pristine condition, restoring your building’s curb appeal. 
  • Prevent allergen buildup: Regular pressure washing will rid your home of pollen, mold spores, and other pollutants that expose your loved ones to allergies. 

Generally, you should have your home pressure washed at least once a year. But some situations may require you to wash your home more frequently:

  • If you live in an area with a lot of construction going on, your home will gather dirt and dust quite quickly, requiring frequent pressure washing. 
  • If you notice mold and mildew growing on your exterior surfaces, you must remove them as soon as possible to prevent further damage. 
  • When you want to repaint your home, pressure washing will help clear the old paint and ensure a clean surface for the best results. 

To find a reputable pressure washing company and avoid falling into the trap of unscrupulous service providers, follow these tips:

  • Search the Better Business Bureau: BBB will help you separate legitimate companies from shady ones through their  A+ to F rating system. 
  • Read online reviews: Comparing service providers on various review sites can help you find the best pressure washing company for your needs and budget. 
  • Ask a trusted realtor: Realtors usually have a comprehensive list of reliable pressure washers that clean their properties. If you have a realtor you can trust, ask them for referrals. 

Spring is the best time to power wash your property. With the mild weather, you won’t worry about the water freezing on your surfaces or evaporating quickly. Spring is also the perfect time to remove dirt, grime, salt, and other pesky contaminants that accumulate on your surfaces over the winter months. This buildup isn’t easy to remove with an ordinary garden hose, and it can cause wear and tear on your exteriors if not washed off early enough.

Fall is another perfect time to power wash your home. This allows you to remove leaves and other debris accumulated on your deck, roofs, and gutters, preventing further damage.

Pressure washing in Joplin, MO, can help you remove all manner of gunk from your outdoor areas, restoring your property’s aesthetic appeal and boosting its market value. Some of the common types of contaminants you can tackle with pressure washers include:

  • Mud: This can turn your siding, driveway, and other surfaces into an eyesore, especially if you live near a road.
  • Mold: This thrives in warm and moist environments and will pose serious health risks to your loved ones. 
  • Oil: Pressure washing can effectively remove stubborn oil stains from your surfaces.
  • Rust: Pressure washing can quickly remove built-up rust from metal and concrete surfaces. 
  • Paint: Peeling paint can make your property look old and unappealing. Before adding a fresh coat of paint, you can pressure wash your surfaces to remove the old paint. 

Despite pressure washing’s impressive cleaning abilities, you can’t use it on all areas of your home. Not all surfaces can withstand the power of pressurized water, and you certainly don’t want to spend thousands of dollars fixing damages caused by pressure washing. 

Some of the surfaces you can safely pressure wash include:

  • Outdoor furniture, though be careful not to damage softer wood
  • Concrete sidewalks and driveways
  • Pool decks
  • Patio pavers, though be sure to reseal after cleaning. 

We’re a fully licensed and insured company. When you choose us, you can rest easy knowing you have qualified professionals working on your property. 

You won’t worry about property damage or other liabilities that may arise on your property during pressure washing. We’ve got you covered!

Here are a few tips to help keep your property clean after professional pressure washing in Joplin, MO:

  • Check your gutters regularly and keep them free of leaves, dirt, and other debris.
  • Look out for clogged drains to prevent damage before the next cleaning schedule.
  • Touch up your exterior paint to preserve your building’s curb appeal and prevent moisture damage.

Call us today to learn more.




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