Preparing Your Home for Pressure Washing

What can you expect from a leading provider of high-quality pressure washing in Joplin, MO? If you’re thinking about hiring these types of services, you’re sure to love the quick cleaning results that can transform a property overnight. But what should you do before the crew arrives with a truckload of professional power washers?

Electric pressure washers will pump out fluids and soaps at hundreds of times the PSI of a garden hose, with deep cleaning lasting for a few hours. Technicians like Harris Brothers are licensed and bonded, so you will never be responsible for any accidents on the job site. However, preparing your electrical outlets, HVAC ductwork, and boilers could go a long way to preventing inconvenient and avoidable damages.

Below, the team from Harris Brothers offers a few tips to help you prevent damage to furniture or structures and harness the full cleaning power of our power washers. You can also see these items on your pre-sanitation checklist after scheduling a cleaning with us.

Close Your Doors, Windows, and Vents

Our technicians use high pressure to project water at speeds exceeding 3500 PSI for effective window cleaning. It removes loose paint, old gum, and traces of vandalism without scrubbing or wiping. However, window cleaning with such high pressure can also push moisture and cleansers through small openings or blow open unsecured doors, windows, and vents, slamming them against walls and opposing structures.

Keep every opening locked and watertight. You should also notify the window cleaning technician of any doors or windows you cannot secure beforehand so that they can use soft washing to sanitize them.

Remove Loose or Portable Items from the Job Site

Pressure washing can sometimes rain down wet dirt and grime on unrelated surfaces, including items like patio furniture, porch tables, or umbrellas. It is best to put any loose or movable items away from the pressure washing area before the work begins. It also saves having to rely on mops or wipes as a final effort at presentability after the pressure cleaning ends.

Pressure washing can clean everything from vehicle fleets to the moss and mildew spores that grow on a home’s sidings. But anything that can’t get wet should go into storage for the day. For instance, we might recommend parking your car a few meters away from the driveway to avoid splash marks or dirty streaks as the grime comes off the surface and sprays in the other direction.

Would you like to protect nearby areas from soap and water, such as flower beds or deck corners featuring potted plants? Let us know so that we can turn to more eco-friendly cleaners without VOCs.

Keep Your Home Safe from Electrical Damage

Electricity and water don’t mix. While pressure washers require power, cover up non-GFCI sockets and put extension cords inside toolboxes or into cupboards. Turning off the electrical mains is usually unnecessary.

More Tips to Prepare for an Upcoming Cleaning

Harris Brothers can tell you more about how to prepare for pressure washing in Joplin, MO—call 417-312-7766 today for a free consultation!

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