Hello there. I’m Rowdy Harris and, along with my wife, Rhode (Road-ee), we own Harris Brothers Pressure Wash & Gutter Clean. I wanted to take a minute to point out a few key points regarding our company. 

Contractors are noticeably non-invested in their jobs or their customers’ needs. Seeing this, and being excessively frustrated with it, we decided to start a window cleaning company in 2018. We put an excessively strong influence on customer satisfaction, so business shot up and within a few months we were making enough to sustain a living. I left my job and pressed on with the company. 

In April 2019 I started cleaning gutters and it blew my mind the degree to which people had such a problem with getting someone reliable to do a reliable job cleaning their gutters. Furthermore, when they did get someone to clean their gutters and they had trouble following the cleaning they simply couldn’t reach the contractor. This is shameful. Not because of the issues following the cleaning, because to err is human, but to not double back to take care of a customer who has already paid you is a dirty thing to do. Because of this we give a one-month warranty to any gutter cleaning performed on systems without gutter guards.

Also, we began pressure washing in 2019 and, likewise, customers complained about contractors making everything so complicated, not communicating, not doing the quality of work expected and scheduling customers multiple weeks out. Seeing this, we moved to fill the gap. We typically perform estimates remotely, from a distance with no need to meet. Oftentimes we get an acceptance within five minutes of the call and try to perform the cleaning within two days, but can oftentimes make it out the same day. We typically text the night before your cleaning to let you know we will be there the following day, we text before we arrive, we don’t bother you once we do arrive and we can eMail or text an invoice for you to pay over the phone with a card.

In essence, Harris Brothers is personal, is quality and is convenience. Give us a call or put in a request for a bid and we hope to hear from you soon.

Harris Brothers Pressure Wash Gutter Clean




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