Christmas Light
Installation Joplin MO

Light Up Your Holiday Season without Hassle!

Every Christmas season, our lighting and landscaping experts at Harris Brothers Pressure Wash & Gutter Clean entertain hundreds of requests from residents and business owners for professional Christmas light installation in Joplin, MO.

Commercial operators want to differentiate their businesses from neighboring commercial structures, and homeowners want their Christmas guests to feel the spirit of the holidays.

Chill Out This Christmas Season and Let Trained Technicians Handle Your Décor

Our licensed technicians at Harris Brothers Pressure Wash & Gutter Clean are proud to be part of the number-one professional Christmas light installation service in all our service areas. Every year, we earn dozens of stellar ratings from commercial and residential clients who want to express their generosity and Christmas joy by putting on a lighting display for their neighbors and passersby.

For businesses, lighting displays can make or break their Christmas sales. Gift shops, car dealerships, and grocery stores contest the dominance of independent online sellers and corporate outlets by giving their shoppers a welcoming ambiance, an often-overlooked part of the customer experience. Nothing can beat the emotional reaction that kids and their parents have when they walk into a shop with garlands, window ribbons, and electronic display pieces with a sparkling background of Christmas lights.

We eliminate the hassle of Christmas light installation for business owners and residents by having trained project planners, designers, and lighting technicians estimate the total wattage of their displays. We use state-of-the-art equipment, like extending ladders, clips, aircraft cables, and wirecutters, to install their lights as fast and cost-efficiently as possible.

Christmas Light Installation Service Inclusions

If you’re looking for a company offering comprehensive Christmas light installation in Joplin, MO, with technicians who can guide you through the process from start to finish, call Harris Brothers Pressure Wash & Gutter Clean. Our installation crew can help you design your displays, acquire materials like fuse boxes and different colors of lights, and remove your Christmas lights when the season is over.

Here are some of our service inclusions, which we can modify to suit your needs.

Design Consultation

When you call us for Christmas light installation, our customer service team will patch you through to our design crew. We will learn about our design goals and explain the cheapest and safest way to achieve them. In addition, our technicians will take measurements of your roof, gutters, deck areas, and stoops to give you an accurate quote with no hidden charges.

Christmas Light Installation

After agreeing on a design plan and forming a project timeline, our installation crew will buy your Christmas lights, wires, clips, and adhesives. They will visit your home with the elements of your lighting display at the back of our work truck. We will install your Christmas lights in our agreed-upon configuration, ensuring we reach 100% of your design objectives with a final consultation before we leave.
Depending on the square footage of your home or commercial structure, Christmas light installation could take a few hours to a couple of days. Regardless, we promise that the process will be minimally invasive, and you will not need to halt your operations while we work.

Lighting Display Maintenance

Our maintenance crew plays a significant role in helping us maintain our spot as the leading provider of Christmas light installation in Joplin, MO. If you find dead bulbs, sagging sections from heavy snowfall, or strips not lighting up correctly, call us, and we will remediate it immediately.

Christmas Light Removal

We will remove your display and store your lights safely at a preselected location so you can use them for many more Christmases. According to industry research, LED Christmas lights last an average of six to seven years.

Contact Us This Christmas

Contact our experts at Harris Brothers Pressure Wash & Gutter Clean and talk to our lighting technicians for a free site visit and quote. We decorate various residential and commercial structures during the holidays, and our services are highly in-demand.

Call our team at 417-312-7766 for fast and cost-efficient Christmas light installation in Joplin, MO. Save yourself the hassle of climbing up ladders and plugging in new fuses for a new lighting display by getting trained technicians to do it for you!

Real review from happy customers

Harris Brothers were fantastic. They communicate clearly and showed up when they said they would! Their Christmas Lights Service blew my mind! When they were finished with my house and yard, I couldn’t believe how wonderful it looked. The lights they use are very bright and the quality was very clear!!! I highly recommend their services!!!
Nic Linder
Nic Linder
Harris Brothers did an excellent job of power washing our home. They were punctual, protective of the landscaping, moved and replaced the deck furniture and replaced it Rosemary Newman
Rosemary Newman
Rosemary Newman
Rowdy and his team did a great job. They were out cleaning our customers driveway the very next day. Our customer was very happy with the work done. Thanks to their work, we have a lifelong customer so a great thanks from our Youngblood Nissan team!
Connie G
Connie G
Would recommend Harris Brothers for your needs! The company was very responsive, they were able to fit me on to their schedule very quickly, they were very professional, and did a thorough job for a fair price! Exactly what you want when you need help..thanks to them I no longer have to worry about my gutters!
terri deckard
terri deckard
Harris Bros. Services did a really good job for me in cleaning out my gutters which were very full of leaves. They were on time and reliable. I plan to use them again.
Glenda McArdle
Glenda McArdle
I highly recommend this company if you need any pressure washing done. They washed my house, & driveway. They both look amazing!! They also cleaned my Gutter.Best customer service I've experienced!!
Shelly Clanton
Shelly Clanton
Rowdy did a great job cleaning out my gutters and downspouts. He was punctual, personable, very professional and the service was performed with great care to my property. This is my second time using the services of Harris Bros. I highly recommend the company and will continue to use it in the future.
Leslie Jackson
Leslie Jackson
I’ve used them for a few years now for different things and I’ve always be pleased with their work. I highly recommend them to friends and family.
Pam Meredith
Pam Meredith
We had noticed last week after receiving a lot of rain that our gutters were overflowing on the back of our house and I had worried about how much rain was collecting right outside our basement. I called Harris Brothers on Thursday of last week and they were out the next morning. They cleaned our gutters and downspouts and even trimmed back our holly tree in the front yard that had limbs touching the roof and gutter. We have had plenty of rain since and no more overflowing the gutters. They were fast to respond and they did a great job. I am glad we called them and would definitely recommend them.
Justin Dunkmann
Justin Dunkmann



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