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According to research, dirty solar panels can experience up to a 25% reduction in performance compared to clean and well-maintained models. At Harris Brothers Pressure Wash & Gutter Clean, we proudly provide safe and cost-efficient solar panel cleaning in Joplin, MO. We serve hundreds of businesses and residents with our state-of-the-art soft washing tools and highly trained technicians.

Why Hire Technicians from Harris Brothers Pressure Wash & Gutter Clean?

Solar panels require a significant upfront investment. An untrained crew might use a pressure washer to clean your solar cells and damage sensitive elements. However, we use soft washing methods that guarantee a successful cleaning without the risk of damage. 

Joplin residents continually choose us as their solar panel cleaners for several reasons.

No Void

Solar manufacturers provide extensive product warranties with the expectation that they will keep their panels free from accumulating rust, animal droppings, and debris from adverse weather events. You can not remove these elements with a garden hose and soapy water. Our technicians use industry-standard cleaning methods to sanitize solar panels without damaging parts and voiding vendor warranties.

No Safety

You can find most solar panels above water towers, condominium roofs, and other places that might be challenging to reach without professional equipment. Our technicians use extending ladders, bucket trucks, and hydraulic booms to clean solar panels in high places.

Our cleaning crews at Harris Brothers Pressure Wash & Gutter Clean are licensed and insured, so you are never responsible for any accident at a job site. We have a perfect safety record, so you can be confident in our services.

Keep Solar Panels Free from Damage

Trained professionals know they should never use a solar power pressure washer to clean sensitive surfaces. While some models advertise they are safety-rated for window cleaning and solar panel sanitation, experienced crews only use a high-quality solar panel cleaner and soft-washing techniques to remove stains and debris.

Contact the Solar Sanitation Experts Today

If you need help cleaning your panels, call the Harris Brothers Pressure Wash & Gutter Clean team at 417-312-7766 for a free consultation for solar panel cleaning in Joplin, MO.

We can sanitize panels installed on your roof and any other outdoor locations. We can also establish a regular cleaning schedule to increase the power generation capabilities of your solar panels, helping you optimize the tax breaks from feeding energy back to the local grid.


The cost of solar panel cleaning in Joplin, MO, depends on the size and location of your panels. Research from HomeAdvisor suggests the average maintenance cost for a residential solar array ranges between $450 to $780.

According to Green Convergence, most solar panels require cleaning every six months to a year, depending on the exposure of your home or commercial structure to pollutants and dust. We recommend servicing them in the evening, early morning, or on days with heavy cloud cover to minimize energy losses.

Yes. Your system needs to be off while our technicians work.



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